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‘O’ (Operator’s) Licence Applications & Variations

Did you know that the majority of Operator’s Licence applications submitted to the Central Licensing Unit in Leeds are in some way incorrect?

Most people who apply for a operator’s licence are subject to some strict deadlines themselves. Often they been promised work but cannot operate until their licence is in place and they risk losing that work if the licence is not granted quickly.

Of course, completing an application incorrectly will cause delay to the granting of the operator licence which will ultimately cost the business money and could even mean that there is no work available by the time the licence is granted.

Regulation within the transport industry is strict and many people do not realise the significance of what is written on the application form. They are not sure what information they need to disclose and how much detail to include. If they get it wrong, it will delay their application, and at worst it could mean that their operator licence application is refused.

Often people try to deal with an application themselves only to receive a letter from the central licensing unit requesting further information. Sometimes they will be requested to provide information in relation to the proposed transport manager or next relation as to why the application has not been completed correctly. Answering queries in the right way can make the difference between the licence being granted or the application being refused.

We have vast experience in dealing with a licence applications and variations and are aware of the legal issues the traffic Commissioner is considering when deciding to grant an application. We can guide you through the process, assist with filling in forms and placing adverts or proposed operating centres etc.

Our rates are extremely reasonable, and far cheaper than having your application rejected or delayed because you are unsure of what is expected of you. If your O licensing application is taking too long, or you’re confused about why you haven’t been granted a licence, please do not delay and contact us today.

Can you jump the O licensing queue for me?

We don’t claim to get special favours from the Central Licensing Unit, but we do have a good working relationship with many of the caseworkers. We usually know what further information they are likely to need to progress your case more quickly. This saves time to-ing and fro-ing and ensures a decision on your application is made more quickly.

How long does it take to get an O licence?

That depends. The Government Website still suggests that nine weeks is the estimated time for a full licence. However, depending on your circumstances, it is possible to obtain an interim licence far more quickly which then allows you to operate. If you are likely to need a new licence or a change eg. an increase in authorisation, to an existing licence, our advice is to make the application at least nine weeks prior to when you will need it. If you don’t have that much notice, for example, if without warning your landlord suddenly serves notice on you so that you have to vacate your operating centre, then your application should be prioritised provided you explain the situation fully when applying for an interim licence.

What are the fees for the licence itself?

The current fees can be found on the government website.On top of that, if you’re an HGV operator applying for a new operating centre, or applying to increase the number of vehicles you can keep at an operating centre, you’ll need to advertise the change in a local newspaper. The fees for advertising vary dramatically depending on the publication. It’s important that you choose a newspaper with a an acceptable level of penetration in the area of the operating centre, otherwise the advert and therefore the application may be rejected.

For free advice, speak to a solicitor on our local rate number 0330 1330 081 or, if you prefer, fill out our Contact Form and we'll call you back: usually the same day and often within the hour. You can also email us here.