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Traffic Commissioners’ Driving Licence Hearings

A driver’s HGV or PSV vocational licence entitlement to drive a commercial vehicle is critical to a driver’s livelihood. Many drivers have driven vehicles for many years and being without a licence would impact not only on the driver, but also on their families and those who rely upon their income.

If you’ve been called to a vocational licence entitlement hearing (also known as a driver conduct hearing), it’s important that you seek advice. At the hearing, the Traffic Commissioner will decide whether you should be allowed to keep your licence, or if you should face a suspension from driving or even lose it completely.

Protecting vocational entitlements, advising and representing drivers at conduct hearings before their Traffic Commissioners is something we can help with. Whether or not you require representation at the hearing or not, we can advise you on what is likely to happen at the hearing, and also advise you of any steps which should be taken to minimise the length of any suspension.

What length of suspension will I get?

That depends on a number of factors. The Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance document no.6  provides starting points for various convictions and infringements.

Can the Traffic Commissioner give me penalty points or take away my car licence?

No, the Traffic Commissioner cannot take any action in relation to your ordinary car driving licence. Therefore if you passed your test before 1 January 1998 and have grandfather rights to drive vehicles up to 7.5t, you will still be able to drive vehicles up to this size during a suspension.

If you passed your test on or after 1 January 1998, you will only be able to drive a vehicle up to 3.5t whilst a suspension is in place.

Will the decision take effect immediately?

Not necessarily. The Traffic Commissioner has discretion to delay the effect of their decision if they think it appropriate. However, there are times when the decision is effective immediately so you should go prepared.


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