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Police to Focus on Tyre Treads

More than 10m cars are estimated to be running on the roads with illegal tyres and now the police are paying particular attention to the problem.

For the first time, tyres have been added to the list of recommended visual checks carried out by traffic officers at the roadside, in an effort to reduce the 1,100 casualties from defective tyre related accidents each year.

As well as tread depth, the police will also be paying attention to your tyres’ general condition and whether they are correctly inflated.

How Deep is Your Knowledge?

Do you know what the minimum legal tread depth is?* Do you know what the correct pressure is for your tyres?**

It’s worth finding out. For each defective tyre found being used on the roads, there is a potential £2,500 maximum fine and three-penalty points.

That sounds harsh, but charity TyreSafe says ‘bulging’ in a tyre’s sidewall, caused by internal damage due to being driven over a pothole or from hitting a kerb, can lead to catastrophic failure of the tyre while driving, with a high risk of causing a serious incident.

Gauging the Problem

TyreSafe also says it’s giving the police 2,000 digital tread depth gauges to use in order to help them find out who’s got less depth than the entire cast of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

It seems strange that a charity is giving away kit to help out the police, but then pretty much everything seems strange these days so perhaps we should just be thankful the tread depth gauges don’t broadcast fake news before voicing controversial and unpalatable opinions about Kevin Spacey.

National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for road policing, Chief Constable Anthony Bangham says: “While the initiative’s main objective is to pass on that potentially life-saving education, drivers should be aware it is our duty to enforce the law and, where warranted, we will not hesitate to do so to maximise the safety of all road users.”